Precision and speed

She gives back the change in a matter of seconds.


She has an intuitive and user-friendly software.

Remote manangement

She has a mobile app to manage the cashflow remotely.


With a modern design, she fits in everywhere.

Integrated or autonomous mode

She works with any billing software. Or without connection to other devices.

More than a machine, ALICE
is precisely the missing member of your team.

More Informations

Imagem da Máquina - Demonstração de Software

This is ALICE. An automated payments system
that will revolutionize the way you work.

In Black

Imagem da Máquina - Em preto

In Black
or White

Imagem da Máquina - Em Branco

In Black
or White

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Imagem da Máquina - Em Branco
Imagem da Máquina - Em preto

And much more...

Calculations and Payments

With ALICE, you dont’ have to do math or use calculators. And cashflow is always right.


Employees don’t need to touch the money.

Safety and control

The cash is always safe. Avoid thefts, frauds, and mistakes.

Time Management

Intuitive and easy to use, ALICE gives you more time to dedicate to your customers.

Design and Technology

In a modern and compact equipment, you have the best technology for cash management.


On stand-alone mode or connected to your billing software, ALICE adapts to your needs.